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All About Physical Therapy Clinics

People with disabilities and injuries can seek professional treatment at physical therapy clinics. These clinics are open Monday through Friday, with some remaining open on Saturdays. The clinics have a staff of physical therapists and assistants who are all board-certified and are capable of handling any case that is presented to them.

To be seen by physical therapists at their clinics, patients must be referred to them by qualified medical professionals. Many referrals are made by neurologists, geriatrics physicians, orthopedics doctors, and sports medicine physicians. If you are looking for the best sports physical therapy clinic, then you can search the web.


Patients with concerns about mobility or physical function may also be referred by other physicians, such as internists, cardiologists, and podiatrists. These referrals are required for all therapists to be able to treat patients.

These clinics treat patients who have impairments in their ability to function normally. Clinics are designed to address these concerns and provide a comfortable environment for patients. Physical therapists also ensure that everything is in place to prevent accidents.

A typical clinic layout includes a reception, treatment rooms, and staff areas. The treatment area contains treatment tables, hydrotherapy sections, and exercise mats. It also has other equipment that can be used depending on the specialties of the therapist and the patient's needs.