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All About Raw Materials Threatening

The raw material prices may become an additional threat to the nascent recovery in the advanced economies, the most damaged by this protracted crisis. Both the prices of industrial commodities such as food are experiencing the highs of recent years. If you are looking for the best raw material, you can visit

Distortions in the functioning of the respective markets and speculation by traders' specialized investment funds may also help clarify these recurrent tensions in prices. 

In the case of food, poor harvests recorded last year in the major producing countries have also played a significant role in shaping the final prices. It is still disturbing that the price of wheat has risen over 80% last year.

Oil is one of those raw materials whose price variations may determine further the settlement of the recovery of economies dependent on energy imports. 

The $ 95 has come to reach a barrel of Brent these days is not good news for the correction of the deficits in trade or for the removal of incipient inflationary fears in some economies, such as the Spanish.

The significance of elevations in food prices is not only visible in inflation rates or the price formation chain of other goods, but very directly on the welfare conditions of large segments of the population, especially those belonging to less developed economies. 

The current tensions begin to remember those in the summer of 2008, Determinants of the increasing cost of basic food stocks in many countries that generated serious social conflict.