All About Ventilation System And Its Types

The ventilation system is used in any type of buildings from residential homes to commercial offices and underground parking spaces for schools, hospitals, hotels and more.

There are many types of ventilation systems ( it is also known asประเภทของระบบระบายอากาศ in the  Thai language) that you need to know about, to help you consider which one you need, how they will benefit you and what options are available for each type of ventilation system available. 

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Smoke ventilation system is very important in all types of commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, hospitals, hotels and more. They are the ideal choice for high-rise buildings, where people need to escape through those stairs to get to safety.

Mechanical ventilation systems are usually chosen when natural ventilation can not be used. This usually applies to areas that can not benefit from natural air flow, such as an underground parking garage.

Natural ventilation system is an option on buildings, houses and more. They come in a variety of options that you can choose from to find the perfect match based on your specific needs. 

Good ventilation improves quality of life and gives us the proper air needed. People want to feel open and free.