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Benefits Of Solar Hot Water Heaters

Conventional instant water heaters consume about 6,400 kWh of electricity per year and households, which in turn generate about 8 tons of CO2 per year, twice as much as cars. A family using natural gas or oil water heaters contributes at least two tons of CO2 emissions per year. Solar water heaters not only save money but also emit no CO2.

Scientists have proven that geysers cause more pollution than all the cars and pickup trucks on the continent. And if only half of the households used solar water heaters, CO2 emissions would be equivalent to doubling the fuel efficiency of all cars. To get more details about water heater installation, you may browse this site.

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Solar water heating systems are becoming more and more popular and many people are turning to such systems. About 1.5 million people in the United States use solar water heaters, according to the Institute for Environmental and Energy Research.

Solar array heaters are the most economical option, which is another good reason to replace them. This system costs about $1500 compared to $150 to $500 for electric and gas heating. A solar water heating system pays for itself in four to eight years and this type of heater lasts about forty years, which is about as long as a traditional heater. The difference is with the solar system you have free hot water forever.