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Best Residential Garage Doors – Why Buy Them?

Residential garage doors are fixtures in many modern homes. Because of the many attractive and interesting styles and designs, residential garage doors are becoming one of the major focal points in many homes.

That is why it is important that you choose the best garage doors via because installing one that looks incongruous is a waste of your time and money. So how do you choose the right model? Start off by doing some research.

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Residential garage doors are available in many design options. You have sectional, rollup, overhead, side-hinged or carriage style. There are many manufacturers willing to custom built your garage doors to fit your special needs. When it comes to materials, there are also varied choices such as wood, composite, steel, iron and even glass reinforced plastic. Your door can be insulated or non-insulated.

Many garage doors such as steel are easy to maintain and repair while wooden doors require extra care. Take a look at some of the best residential garage doors that will suit your contemporary home and your needs.

The natural handcrafted wood beauty of this door makes it stand out among other residential doors. The raised panel door, model 44, has 1 and 3/8 inches section thickness, short and long panels with optional windows, stain or paint grade wood. Your wood choices are hemlock, redwood and cedar.

The recessed panel under model 20/10 has also short and long panel with thickness of 1 and 3/8 inches. It is constructed with grade wood ready to be painted or stained and hemlock wood frame. The flush panel, model 32/33, has three-layer construction with fir exterior panel and energy-efficient insulation.