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Can VPNs Stop Websites Tracking You?

As privacy became a growing concern, people realized they were being actively followed by the many websites they visited and started exploring their ability to stay hidden. As a result, the virtual private network (VPN) market has exploded in recent years.

A VPN allows you to redirect your connection to another point, which could be anywhere in the world. As a result, other sites and services you connect to won't "see" your real IP address. You only see the address of the VPN server you are currently using, with no specific way to trace it back to you. However, to get a VPN for your security then you can opt for a company such as VPNACADEMY that provides you more services.

Fastest VPN

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Many VPN services even boast that they are completely anonymous, keeping no user logs and stuff like that. The validity of these allegations is difficult to prove, although there have been several incidents in the past. VPNs are used for many purposes, not just to avoid being tracked by curious websites. Some people also use a VPN while traveling to maintain a permanent online identity, which might be important for work.

Is Your VPN a Reliable Solution?

There is also the question of whether the VPN network is reliable enough for regular use. A typical modern VPN consumer offers various features that are able to help you improve your privacy from this angle. For example, the client can choose any server to connect to each time. It can also be started automatically with your operating system.

Some VPNs also have a "kill key", a basic setting that instructs the VPN client to stop certain applications if the VPN connection is lost. This will reduce the risk of accidental exposure because the server you are connecting to suddenly crashes.