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Caring for Those Precious Marble Countertops

With lifestyles getting more and choosier, the colors and patterns of kitchen countertops need to be carefully planned. Investments would have to be budgeted and planned wisely. Regarding the many years down the line, maintenance issues arise for big purchases.

Are you sure the hot pots and pans will not damage those beloved countertops? Well, such worry is only natural and most have bitter experiences of burning up an old countertop. A hot pan will not really break up the countertop but may destroy the color and texture.

You can buy quartz batches and keep it clean with proper sealing. Avoid sharp objects and rough that is used on the surface. You can buy marble countertop in Austin by visiting this site at

marble kitchen countertops

Marble countertops need more care and you require trivets and hot pads to protect them. Consider a few other factors before making the buying decision. Do natural stones like Augusta White Marble need Regular Maintenance?

Natural stone is porous and marble absorbs liquids. That would result in staining and damage. A sealer would close the fissures and protect against scratches. Seal it annually and let it dry before use.

Even after sealing, some agents will tarnish the marble table. red wine, cosmetics, inks, tomatoes and some other substances will stain them. Well, a quick cleanse and protect the trays, mats, and coasters to minimize risk.

Basically sturdy, marble and other stone countertops will last virtually forever, taken good care of. Be careful, though. Prevent scr