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Child’s Bounce House in Montreal

One of the most desired toys on the kid’s list today is the inflatable bounce house. The reason for this is that kids like big toys and the bounce house is big enough to get inside with several of their playmates.

These bouncers are filled with air and can be deflated just as easily as they are inflated. This makes them very appealing to parents too since they are easily shipped, transported, and offer no storage problems.

It is easy to play creative make-believe games with these wonderful toys. The many different styles offer a lot of opportunities for the imagination to run wild and the fun can go on for hours on end. Kids just never seem to get enough of the play that comes with being in a bounce house.

You can book child inflatable game at ( which is also known asjeu gonflable enfant à french language).

balls inflatable structure / structure gonflable avec des balls

As more and more inflatable toy suppliers enter the marketplace, the competition to make a better bounce inflatable is on. Many bouncers are now equipped with much more activities than just bouncing.

Some inflatables will come with a slide. There are both the dry and the wet slides, but it is the water slide that really keeps the kids happy on a hot summer day. You simply hook the garden hose up to the water slide and when you turn on the water, you turn on the fun. Add even more fun with a duel water slide. These models have two slides for double fun and slide racing.

Other inflatable models will come equipped with basketball hoops. Kids love the colorful balls that come with most bounce house products and can really develop their hand-to-eye coordination, as they get proficient in getting the balls through the hoops.

The obstacle course is something that you will find in many of the newer models. These courses are designed to go over, under, and around various obstacles in order to get to the end. Add a timer to time each child and you have a very fun and heart-healthy game.

These bouncy play areas are, generally speaking, very safe toys for kids. They are soft and cushiony. Unlike other types of playground equipment, you will not find any metal or sharp edges that have caused injuries in the past.