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Choose the Best Family Dentist for Kids

Allow me to tell you a story about how I introduced the dentist to my children. I understand that parents have such a tough time with it and this story could enlighten you. Hopefully, you can tell this to your children and they’ll make the perfect choice to go and have a routine checkup.

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Choose the Best Family Dentist for Kids

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I hated going to the dentist. I find the excursion to be heart-racing. My palms were sweaty and my head pulled tricks on me. I imagine the dentist to be the witch, wrinkled nose with warts all over wearing a large, black and pointy hat.

With that said, I grew up to have tooth decay and cavities. At 20, all I had left of my “real” teeth were the upper and lower incisors and some molars. I had no option but to return to the “witch” and have her make me a new pair of teeth.

The dentist was really great to me and after the entire trauma I caused her (crying and whimpering), she gave me the best teeth in the entire wide world. For the first time in my life, I saw the dentist for a fairy godmother. She’s not anymore the witch I have always imagined her to be.

I met my wife in the pharmacy where I purchased my denture solution. We have 2 children and my boy is now in the age where the “fairy godmother” is a “witch”. I understood he will lose all his teeth at 20, just like me and you know, it isn’t for everybody.