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Client Testimonials – The Ultimate Promotional Tool?

There are many ways to use customer testimonials to promote your services and you will want to use as many as possible in your marketing efforts. Here are some ideas to try…

1) If you use website recommendations, try to make them stand out from the rest of the text. Maybe use a color box or graphic box. Try a different font. Whatever makes it look different. You should always include the customer’s (buyer’s) name and their domain name, if applicable. Ideally, you want recommendations that are specific to an aspect of your service. You can “ask for a quote”( which is also known as “demander un devis” in the French Language) if you are looking for client testimonial videos.

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2) Set your recommendations in order of auto-reply. When people sign up for an e-newsletter, newsletter, or receive a free report, be sure to include your top recommendations in the next autoresponder.

3) Try turning your recommendations into case studies and articles for promotional purposes. Use catchy titles based on the main points covered by each recommendation. A lot of people will be dealing with your customer’s “problem,” and if your product or service solves the problem, then seeing how other people benefit will go a long way in your sales.

4) Use press releases. As in the case above, use a support press release as social proof that your product or service is genuinely useful to someone. Submit press releases to Online Press Releases and If you think offline publications and media sources might be interested in your services, products, or information, then take action.