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Do I Need Different Wallpaper For Each Room in My House?

The main function of wallpaper is to decorate the room in addition to furniture, lighting and other ornaments. And that can also hide your imperfect walls, e.g. cracked or corrugated textured walls.

There are many designs and wallpaper designs to choose from for ex scalamandre zebra fabric. But you must remember that each room needs a different type of wallpaper. Why

The bathroom and kitchen have the highest humidity of all the other rooms. Hard coated vinyl and vinyl paper / paper are ideal for these spaces because they are moisture and stain resistant and grease resistant. They are also easy to clean and pull from the wall.

As you can see, different areas of the house require different types of wallpaper.

To keep your wallpaper clean, you need to suck it regularly. You can use a broom wrapped in soft cotton or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. If your wallpaper can be washed (most wallpaper can be washed), you should clean it with soft soapy water and a sponge.

Then rinse with a sponge with cold water and brush the wall with a dry cotton swab or towel to remove moisture from the paper.

For fabric, you should test whether the fabric has a stain when it is wet. Or you can use commercial wallpaper cleaners that are safe for this type of wallpaper.

However, it is far better to vacuum regularly to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt.