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Facebook Chatbot: Build a Chatbot Using Facebook’s Messaging

Facebook has recently announced a new and popular way to market through Facebook Messenger. This Messenger bot is the first implementation of Facebook's Chatbot Platform and allows businesses to make multiple conversations in a single box, all within the app itself.

Facebook chats allow for messages to be sent or received in the form of a text box within the app, though without using Facebook's phone dialer or calling plan. These two methods are both free and quite convenient, but sometimes they are overbearing.

Using an agent can be costly, but also extremely efficient for businesses that require numerous conversations at one time. A Messenger bot has the ability to keep people talking through several Conversations and helps businesses create brand loyalty by keeping their customers happy.

Businesses that utilize this Chatbot Platform to extend their marketing efforts will save money with no monthly bill for chat operators and also have the capability to give voice to their Conversational Assistant Agents. A Messenger Bot can easily handle text and can make all types of Conversations.

Facebook has recently partnered with Foursquare to create a brand new brand of chat bots, which will enable businesses to streamline their entire customer loyalty program. Chatbots built through Foursquare have been used to push out frequent events like concerts and sporting events and fans can interact with the bot through a series of Conversations.

By watching how the bot responds to the fan's photos, events, and activities, businesses can determine how the bots might be used in their marketing. In most cases, businesses can even schedule a meeting with their fan to learn more about them and their unique liking.

Facebook has partnered with brands to use their bots as a way to deliver their message in a way that consumers find unique and interesting. As an example, Vistaprint created a bot that promotes afan's beauty, grooming, and beauty products and has proven effective.

In other cases, a business might want to add a special tagline or tag themself in the photo and give people the opportunity to tag themselves too. People who browse these chatrooms and utilize the bot on a regular basis will respond well to these interaction types.

Messenger Bots can also be used to help enhance the brand, promote different areas of the business, and give a personal touch to interactions. With the proper interaction options, Facebook chatbots can help businesses achieve their goal.

For example, a business could use a Chatbot to set up an event to send invitations to all of their current clients, current customers, and potential clients for an upcoming event. The Chatbot can then link up to Facebook and prompt the person to RSVP with a link to the event page in the Messenger app.

Businesses can also create a Facebook Chatbot that gives individuals the option to leave comments about specific issues, such as the weather or to place their local weather-forecast watch by. Users can then take action by replying to the Facebook Chatbot with the given message.

Some of these bots have already been tested through the Messenger app, but Facebook is currently hiring Chatbots for this platform. Since the application is being built by Facebook employees, it is likely that future bots will also offer a cross-platform compatibility feature and a more personal touch than bots offered through phone dialers.