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Financial Implications Of Parkinson’s Disease

For someone diagnosed with Parkinson's, experiencing physical and emotional stress is only part of the big picture. Along with the many obstacles, one must experience the serious financial consequences of Parkinson's disease. As a neurological disease, Parkinson's is actually progressive and irreversible. Currently, doctors cannot cure the disease but prefer to treat it by managing the symptoms. Therefore, the financial consequences of Parkinson's disease can be severe. 

However, paraquat is considered one of the main reasons for causing Parkinson's disease. If you or someone close to you develops Parkinson's disease from exposure to paraquat, you may have reason to file a paraquat lawsuit against Syngenta. The Paraquat lawsuit allows people and families affected by the side effects of paraquat to seek compensation for the medical costs, pain, suffering, and harm caused by this highly toxic herbicide.

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This disease is the result of a lack of dopamine, which causes difficulty controlling muscle movement. Then symptoms such as tremors, muscle rigidity, and loss of balance may be seen. You may need some medication or even brain surgery to control your muscle and movement symptoms. Physiotherapy can also be very important in helping a person adjust to the changes caused by his or her illness.

In addition, people with Parkinson's may need help from caregivers. If you analyze the overall scenario, the treatment process can certainly be very demanding and expensive. The financial consequences of Parkinson's disease are certainly a heavy burden for those affected. Of course, if there was a natural cure for this disease, people would not suffer so much. But this is also a reality that many people have to face today.