Getting The Most Out Of Your Forklift Tires

A tire in good condition will increase your forklift’s efficiency, improve productivity and reduce operator fatigue. Plus, getting the most out of your tire means a better bottom line and a safer workplace.

So how can you keep your tires in good condition? It starts with operator education, but it also depends on your tire type and your environment. Click to read more about forklift tires.


Poor operator habits are one of the most influential causes of reduced tire life. These basic reminders for operators can increase safety in the workplace and improve the life of the tire.

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Operators should not :

  • Spin the tires
  • Overload the vehicle
  • Run over debris

Operators should avoid :

  • Quick starts
  • Quick stops
  • Excessive speed
  • Sharp, aggressive cornering


You should check the air pressure of your tires before each use. If that isn’t possible, try to check daily. Tire air pressure needs to be checked often because air pressure fluctuates with increasing and decreasing temperatures.

Higher temperatures increase air pressure, and lower temperatures decrease air pressure. This is not just a seasonal concern but a year-round responsibility as temperature can change drastically in a very short period of time.

Checking tire air pressure is an easy way to avoid more serious problems that reduce productivity.

By taking take of these small things, you can increase the life of your forklift tire .