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How Does MassMutual Whole Life Insurance Work

Whole life insurance can help protect your family's future and your financial security now. Two main benefits of whole life insurance policies are a death benefit that is paid to your beneficiaries upon your death, provided you continue to pay your premium; and a cash amount from which you can withdraw or borrow during your lifetime.

It is best to consult with an experienced financial representative before you decide on whole-life insurance. You can also read the top MassMutual whole life insurance review for the best life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

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Three components make up whole life insurance:

  • Life insurance pays when you die

  • Cash value

  • Premiums are the amount you pay each month or annually

The premiums pay for expenses like the cost to administer the policy, the payment of death benefits, and the cost to evaluate applicants (called underwriting).

A portion of the premium is deposited into the tax-deferred section, also known as the cash value portion. The cash value earns interest and grows tax-deferred at an assured rate.

The amount of coverage you require depends on your income and where you live. The more you earn, the more coverage you will need. You'll need to provide coverage for all your loved ones after you pass away because more people will depend on you.

It's crucial to find financial professionals and providers that you can trust when you are looking for long-term financial security. You want a life insurance company that is committed to your values and that has the longevity to be there for you when you need them.