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How To Attain The State of “No Mind” In Meditation

No thought not mean there is no attachment in the mind, there is no identification with the mind. Own thoughts just flow unimpeded while the remnants of your consciousness completely detached from identification with the thinking. 

When you reach no mind, there is a tremendous sense of freedom. You are completely free of your personal self. There is no sense of me apart but experience a conscious cover all energy flow. In no mind, it is only experienced as the flow of this energy form. You experience yourself as this formless energy. No thought was very happy! If you are looking for mindfulness practices then check

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So here is no mind meditation techniques:

In meditation trying to release every thought that pops up. Do not try and push the thought away. Instead, stop grabbing hold of them. Stop engaging with them, identify with them or even understand the contents of the mind. Just be aware that the mind is raised and let it go.

Or if you're gripping your mind, stop holding on to it. Let him go alone and in this way you can learn to stop reaching for the handle of the mind in the first place.

By doing this, the mind will run their course as a spinning wheel that is losing momentum and may even come to a halt. Do not make it a goal for the experience to come to a stop, rather, keep your attention on allowing the mind to come and go without ever grabbing hold of them. This will take you to no thought.