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How To Clone A Cannabis Plant?

Did you know you can clone cannabis plants? This might sound like a crazy scientist’s experiment, but cloning plants have¬†advantages over planting seeds, and cloning weeds are easier than you think.

Why do they clone cannabis plants?

There are two ways to reproduce cannabis. You can grow from seeds where you need to obtain, germinate, multiply, and continue to grow. By seed production, male plants are crossed with females through pollination, after which produce female seeds.

When planting male and female plants, you can make a mixture of the two parent plants You can also reproduce cannabis by cloning. You can also click over here to buy marijuana clones online.

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The branch is a piece that is genetically identical to the plant from which it originated – known as “mother”. By cloning, you can make new plants with the right replicas of your best plants.

Because genetics is identical, branches give you plants with the same properties as the parent, such as aroma, cannabinoid profile, yield, time of growth, etc.

So, if you find a particular strain or phenotype that you really like, you might want it to clone to reproduce more shoots that have the same effect.

With cloning, you don’t have to get new seeds every time you want to plant other plants – you just cut old plants – and you don’t have to germinate or multiply seeds and get rid of males.

If you don’t have to follow these steps, you will save time and space. Both will help you save money.