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How To Erase Age Spots Without Harmful Bleaching Chemicals

Dark spots are also referred to as sun spots, brown spots, age spots, and liver spots these are consequences of prolonged exposure to sunlight or sun damage to the skin.

Skin-whitening products can be used to lighten the dark spot and then return it to the normal or similar normal skin shade. You can buy good-quality whitening products from Belle Nubian.

The effectiveness of the whitening product is determined by the extent of the discoloration and how old the spot is. More severe and more old discolorations may take longer to fade.

Skin-lightening products are made up of a mix of active ingredients, that are typically not well-known to customers. Some of these products contain topical corticosteroids, hydroquinone mercury salts, and tretinoin which can cause adverse negative effects on long-term consumers.

UV radiation may trigger the oxidation and destruction of lipids inside cells, leading to the creation of free radicals and inflammation which can trigger melanocytes to produce melanin through activation of the enzyme known as tyrosinase.

Melanin is a pigment that's created by the body to absorb light and shield our skin from the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. But when melanocytes make excessive melanin in the epidermis (top layer of skin) it is evident in the appearance of dark spots.

Melasma can be seen as massive brown patches that are irregularly shaped on skin exposed to the sun, such as cheeks forehead, upper lip, forehead, chin, and nose. The exact cause is unclear, however, multiple reasons are suggested, i.e., genetic influences, exposure to solar radiation and pregnancy hormone therapy, pills thyroid dysfunction, and ovarian dysfunction. There are also a variety of treatments, cosmetics, and treatments (laser procedures or chemical peels).