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How To Improve Student Retention?

Student seminars and similar courses are ideal to educate students about the new rigors of college life, but at the same time, they are often seen as a "blow-off" class by many students. Are you looking for more information regarding the Student Retention strategy then search Involvio online and get more clarification.

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If students fall through the cracks because of grades and course work, this is often due to a lack of proper academic advising. academic advisors must professor who is able to recognize each of their students as people and must understand that students follow the degree plan.

Too many students are only sent to the counseling office where they are run through the mill and the advisor does not have an intimate understanding of their degree. It can be a frustrating situation for the students as a counselor does not understand the requirements of the course and students are often misleading.

When students go astray in their counsel, they often end up taking and paying for classes that are not required for their degree plan. This not only costs money but valuable time in their college careers. These events tend to occur more at the college level than the level of the university, but an event that all institutions must be aware of.

Finally, students need to be motivated to continue their education and to survive until graduation. One method that colleges can leverage to encourage this motivation is to get students involved in academic and social.