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How To Recycle Plastic Bag In Industry

Everyone knows the benefits of using plastic bags from recycled materials: save our environment, protect wildlife, and save our limited natural energy resources oil. However, many people do not know how to recycle the bags used. You can also get the best services of plastic recycling in Sydney.

Firstly, what kind of waste that can be recycled to become a plastic bag in a factory? In extracting workshop, waste often comes out at the start process of the machine. It takes time for the worker to make the bubble stable & at the correct size & thickness.

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Along with the color film, they must also try to find the right Pantone color. All rolls with the wrong size, thickness and color will be useless for recycling. In the printing workshop, workers also strive for the correct ink printing color.

Apart from this, after the completion of all production phases, quality control workers will again check at random. If there are any defective products, they will remove the waste area.

Then secondly, how to recycle? There is a big and simple machine to turn into recycled resin from the waste in the house. All waste of the production process will be located in large storage. The worker will gradually put all plastic scraps on one side of the machine.

They will be broken in small pieces like rice and then will be heated to high temperatures for melting. The molten temperature ranges from 170 to 190 degrees Celsius.

After melting, all the scraps will become a bright black liquid. Then it starts the cooling process by water. Based on the quality and power requirement, manufacturers can make 100% recycled bags.