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How to Remodulate and Boost Our Immune System

The Immune System is a biochemical process that protects our body against pathogenic organisms and other invaders.

The Immune System incorporates the Humoral response, which produces antibodies and the Cell response which uses T cells in the presence of a foreign body.

You can know more about how to improve Immune System at blis.co.nz . The local barriers provide chemical and mechanical defense through the skin and the mucous membranes; inflammation sends white blood cells to the site of injury where they attack the invading organism.

The Humoral response and the Cell response develop if the first line of defense fails or is inadequate to protect the body. The Humoral response is particularly effective against bacterial and viral invasion producing appropriate antibodies.

Because in our days we are subject to exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and pollutants and because of the mutant capability of viruses, we develop an immune complex hypersensitivity that often generates havoc in our body.

We develop Inflammation when unnecessary and in the wrong part of our body. The Humoral response, which should begin immediately on invasion by pathogens, may start as long as 48 hours later giving them time to invade and destroy.

When we were born we were given, in the colostrums of our mother’s milk, some immunologically active substances that gave our immune system all the information it needed to function correctly. These molecules are called the Transfer Factor.