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I Read The Abs Toning Belt Review But I Have Some Questions

I have been looking and looking for a way to get firmer and stronger abs. I go to the gym and use all the abdominal machines. I perform crunches in my living room and sit ups every night but I still cannot make my abs look like I want them to. I recently read about the abs toning belts and it sounds like a great product that would give me the results I want.

After reading it though, I still have some questions. I understand that the abs toning belts work by administering a slight electrical impulse that forces your abdominal muscles to contract. The website says that you will contract about one hundred and fifty times in a half hour, and that the contractions reach much deeper than any standard exercise would.

I understand all this, but I am wondering if there are any documented side effects of this practice. It makes good sense that it would work, but I am a little worried about putting an electrical impulse into my body on a regular basis.

Is there perhaps a certain length of time that you can use this machine before it is unsafe? I see that it is approved by the FDA so that makes me feel a lot better about its safety but I still have a lingering concern about whether or not it is harmful in any way.