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Know about SCC Sensors Online

The most important factors that affect the milk SCC of the quarter, cow or herd is a quarter of the infection status. Various authors have reported an average SCC for uninfected quarter to 170,000 to 214,000 cells / ml or geometric mean of 106,000 cells / ml. somatic cell response of the infected cow will depend on the pathogen. You can find saber milk sensor.

Individual cow somatic cell count is the product of the SCC measurement of all milk from all four quarters and production levels of individual quarter. The number of infected quarters and total milk production is an important factor to be able to accurately classify as infected cattle by means of SCC.

Dilutive effect of normal milk can cause infection masks. Researchers in Canada have found that cow's ability to correctly classify as being infected or not infected by SCC increased from 77.9% to 92.7% as the number of infected quarters increased from one to four quarters.

SCC from individual cows can span a very wide range of values. To classify animals as infected or not infected with SCC threshold in a proper way should be selected. This limit will vary from herd to herd.

Regardless of the level of a few quarters of infected and uninfected have to be misclassified. Increase the possibility of isolating the major pathogen when SCC quarter above 200,000cells / ml. SCC is a combination of the quarter shows that the value threshold of about 250,000 cells / ml is reasonable to differentiate infected from noninfected 5/4. A threshold of 228,000 cells have been shown to correctly classify over 85% of the cows.