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Know All The Benefits Of Aluminum Flagpoles

Aluminum poles are the most popular shafts available, because they are strong, lightweight, versatile and relatively cheap. Suitable for commercial and residential purposes, they come in all styles and sizes, up to eighty feet or more. 

An aluminum flagpole can withstand most weather conditions with little or no wear. You can buy one piece or telescoping flagpoles aluminum, in a variety of colors, such as satin, bronze, natural, black or white. You can ‘check out here’ (also known as ‘schau hier raus’ in the German language) to get more knowledge about flags.

Choose the color that best compliments your home or business. If the pole never gets dirty, mild detergent should do the trick.

Aluminum masts can be attached with either an external or internal halyard system.

External systems have the rope and other rigging on the outside of the post. This is a tried and true system, but subject to vandalism and sometimes noisy when the wind blows.

Internal systems keep equipment inside where it's safe and quiet; the halyard is accessible through a hatch near the base of the pole. This is a more expensive option.

Aluminum poles which are Inground must be firmly anchored in a ground sleeve and concrete foundations to stay high. Make sure that at least ten percent of the pole length is underground, and your flag is more than forty percent of the pole height.

If you buy an aluminum telescopic flagpole, make sure that the sections are locked in place, rather than stalling together. This will ensure stability in high winds.