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Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Your Kids

Parents and dentists often have difficulty persuading children to take good care of their teeth. Proper dental care not only takes time, but it also requires technique, which means that children have problems during the process.

Young children need your help until they have the coordination needed to properly brush and clean the teeth. You can also explore more about the best pediatric dentist in Indianapolis by navigating at

Mark it like this, use a clock: Children can be taught to distinguish when they brush. Dentists recommend that we clean thoroughly for two minutes. You can use a timer that will sound an alarm after two minutes. There’s even a toothbrush for the kids that play a song in two minutes.

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Sing Together: Have your child sing one of their favorite songs, which takes about two minutes. You can even download songs with a “jagged” theme. Music is fun and your little one will love it too.

Use products suitable for children: Which kid doesn’t want a nice toothbrush that resembles their favorite cartoon character or superhero? Involve your child in the selection of a special toothbrush. And since kids usually find toothpaste uncomfortable and tasteless, try a brand of fragrance that is suitable for children.

Gold Star System: Create a poster with boxes for each day of the week. Have your child add a sticker or star every time they brush their teeth and don’t forget to tell them how great their job is. You can also buy various prizes to show your child after winning a certain number of stars.

The key for your children to develop good dental hygiene habits is to teach them to read twice a day and develop well habits.