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Methods To Safeguard Your Vehicle From Dings And Dents

Suddenly, your new automobile or truck has arrived. Do you know of a method to safeguard my vehicle? By using automotive tape and body molding on the sides you can protect your vehicle from dents. The best method to shield your vehicle from door dings and scratches is to install high-quality car side molding. 

It is also possible to protect other parts of your vehicle in the same manner by installing wheel well moldings and door edge protectors. You may also use 3m double-sided automotive tapes. The bodyside moldings are generally pieces of vinyl or rubber that are attached horizontally to the sides of your car. 



By putting them into the inside of the door the rubber strip will usually shield the door from hitting your door. The molding usually sticks out more than the body which means that when someone opens their door onto the car's side it will strike the molding on the body's side first. The majority of them are chrome, and black and are a few colors in addition. 

The body-side molding is easy to install. The majority of car moldings are attached to the body using 3M's attaching tape of automotive quality which is the same method used by car manufacturers to attach the sides of the body to factory-made. If properly installed, the molding will not fall off. There are many other parts of your vehicle that must be secured. These are the wheel wells and the door edge area.