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Natural Pest Control? What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Natural control and pest control don't go well in the same set. This is because traditional pest control is far from natural. What is and what is not natural pest control?

Natural pest control describes pest control using natural products and processes. Ten years ago it was almost unknown that natural pesticides were on the market. No, pesticides are usually poly-syllable chemical mixtures found in scientific laboratories.  To get more details about pest control you may check here

Natural Pest Control? What Is It And Why Is It Important?

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This product does not occur naturally but is a synthetic, man-made chemical that is said to attack the nervous system of insects. Synthetic chemical pesticides do not contain natural ingredients.

The prime example of a bad synthetic pesticide is DDT. Surprisingly, DDT won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1948 for being so effective at getting rid of insects. Of course, humans did not think about the long-term consequences of such a powerful poison.

Yes, pests have been well controlled for several years, but DDT has ruined the environment! Species have been displaced, planets have been polluted, and all the wonders of DDT have become the nightmare of Pandora's box, used all over the world to cause multilevel damage.

Fortunately, DDT has been banned in the US! Problem solved, right? No, no. It's not even close. For starters, DDT is still widely used in developing countries. But that's not the worst of it.

When DDT was removed from pest control product warehouses, chemical companies had to look for alternatives.

Various synthetic poisons were created. You may have heard of some – malathion has been immensely popular on the gardening market over the years. What about Diazinon? And the hugely popular synthetic pyrethroids are everywhere.