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Paint Removal Services For Brick Houses In Perth

There is a popular belief that painting over brick on houses was only done at the turn of the century. Many historic brick homes were painted early into their lives, and there were a variety of reasons behind this. 

Bricks were covered with paint to hide modifications like repairs, or bricked-up windows or door openings. Another purpose was to cover decades of coal soot, grime, and graffiti. Paint can be removed off your bricks with ease. 

The painting was applied to seal old spalled bricks and to hide and shield low-quality bricks. The final reason was to add a visual element. You can browse to get paint removal from bricks services.

Removal of paint correctly can be an extremely difficult task, however, it must be done in a proper manner. Sandblasting and pressure washing are likely to be the fastest methods, however, to be honest, aiming equipment such as this on older buildings is something that must be avoided.

Pressure washing and sandblasting are fast ways of removing the bricks' surface and the chemical solution used could cause surface defects or change the color of bricks. 

However, even using low-pressure washers or soft chemical solutions could cause moisture to enter the brick and can cause damage. The risk of damage is higher when the bricks don't dry before the cold weather arrives. 

In this case, the use of a professional to remove paint could be the only solution to get rid of the paint off your floor and walls while at work.