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Permanent Hair Removal – A Growing Problem

The nature of hair is to grow. Therefore, laser clinics' "permanent" hair extraction techniques cannot give strong hair removal results. Once you have a better understanding of hair and the hair growth cycle, you will understand why claims for permanent hair elimination are similar to claims for permanent weight loss: doubtful. Without prolonged vigilance, hair and weight will come back.

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Most people have three types of hair: velor, terminal, intermediate.

* Vellus: Small colorless hair, often called a peach.

* Intermediate: Thin, short hair between the vellus and terminal (as the name implies), which is usually poorly pigmented.

* Terminal: Hair that is fully pigmented or gray, deeply rooted and coarse. This is the hair that most consumers want to get rid of.

All hair, regardless of type, has a three-step growth cycle. The first phase is the anagen or active growth phase. Depending on the area of the body, between 15% and 95% of hair is actively growing. 

The second phase is catagen, the shortest transition phase of the three phases. The third phase is the telogen. This is the largest lasts until the hair falls out and the cycle repeats. This phase can last up to a year.

The last thing to consider is follicular activation. Our skin is covered with thousands of follicles. Although these follicles are not currently producing hair, they can be activated at any time.

The main catalyst is hormones. If you have any experience with teenage, pregnancy, or old age (did your husband do his hair back on his 45th birthday?) You know exactly what I'm talking about.