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Quartz or Marble Countertops

There are many countertops are available in the market which are made from various materials like steel, plastic, granite, wood, marble, and quartz countertops but there is a very close competition between Marble and Quartz countertops. They both are the best alternative to each other and they have their own positive and negative points that differentiate them and acknowledge us for the choices for countertops.

There are various types of natural quartz countertops in Austin, some of them are precious Gemstones, Some of them are used in making jewelry, carvings, home fittings, etc.

Quartz in Kitchen

Marble stone is formed from the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks, also known as dolomite rock or limestone. The carbonate minerals grains are re-crystallized during the process of metamorphism. Quartz stone is made of minerals found in Earth's crust, they are crystalline in nature and it's made of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra where oxygen is shared between two tetrahedra, hence giving formula SiO2. 

Marble has a more architectural value of the quartz stone. Marble stone is especially concentrated on surface fittings, countertops, shelves. This is because marble is more common and they have a way back the history of perfecting interiors. Quartz stone are not so much popular as marbles, but they compete equally with marble in today's market. In fact, it beats marble with some of the better features it inherits.