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Reasons Why Jamaica Is the Best Caribbean Island Vacation

Many people have claimed that Jamaica would be the best Caribbean island. Jamaican vacation packed with wonderful attractions. This is why most travelers and jet-setters will list Jamaica as one of the best tourist destinations in the Caribbean. In case you are looking for Jamaica private airport transfers then check

If you are still not convinced, here are reasons why Jamaica has been dubbed as the best of the Caribbean island visits:

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1. Welcoming people. As soon as you land on the airport, you will immediately be greeted by local Jamaican people eager to provide the best Caribbean vacation. People in Jamaica are some of the most warm, friendly and hospitable people you will ever meet, and because they are used to their island into a favorite tourist spot, they are more than willing to give you a tour of the area and show you around.

2. Laid back atmosphere. Jamaican vacation that is not only popular because of the place. They are very much into dancing and music, and even if you've never tried to do any of them in your life, you will find all your inhibitions melt when you hear the music playing.

3. The food is great. In Jamaica you will have some fresh seafood and meat, and it is because it comes directly from the sea or directly from local farmers.

4. white sandy beach. Pure white beaches and exotic probably one of the most important recipe for the best Caribbean travel, and vacations to Jamaica is the place to be. Crystal blue water and sandy beaches are clean and white. One of the most beautiful coastal areas that you can imagine.

5. Great Culture. When you take your holiday in Jamaica, it is advisable to hire a local guide to take you around the island to show local Jamaican culture.