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Remapping Vehicle Engines in Australia

The vehicle control system is called an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This control unit controls all the basic engine functions, including vehicle performance, fuel mixture, airflow, air pressure, etc.

The control unit manages these basic functions by reference to a matrix of values that controls these important machine functions. This information is known as the control unit assignment. You can also look for the services offered by professional engine remapping company via

The values on the ECU card are set at the factory for settings that are considered optimal for this vehicle. However, in most cases, these optimal values are set in areas of the world other than where the vehicle is driven.

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The main problem is that these values are set under various conditions including altitude, road conditions, and the temperature at which the vehicle is used.

All this means that while cars make a difference in local geography, they are not always tuned for optimal performance and economy for a particular country.

By changing the map settings in the ECU, the essential functions of the engine management system can be set to the desired optimal configuration.

Care should always be taken to check that the engine is checked when making these changes to ensure that none of the vehicle sensors indicate a problem with other elements of the vehicle's engine and that the impaired performance and economy of the vehicle are all registered prior to starting the reassignment process.