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Scalp Care That Will Make Your Hair Last Longer

Hair loss is a serious issue everyone will come across at one stage in life. Although hair loss is something we cannot avoid, we can, however, control it. There are many ways of reducing hair loss, but the most effective methods are those that focus on scalp care.

Because most of our hair are located on the head or in other words the foundation of hair is established on it. So, if we are to have stronger hair we definitely need to reinforce its foundation which is the scalp. How then can one look after their hair's foundation, so they can reduce hair loss and baldness?

It is very simple to look after your hair's foundation, all you need to do is to make sure it is supplied with all the building blocks and maintenance material. You can supply the building blocks of hair through the diet. You will need to adjust your diet, i.e. reduce excess fats and carbohydrates while increasing the proteins amino acids, and vitamins.

These nutrients are very essential in the production of hair strands as well as maintaining the hair follicular cells. The next thing you need to look at is to make sure that the hair is properly washed. You can do this by using some shampoos that are designed to get rid of dandruff and excess fats on the scalp.

This is very important for dandruff can trap bacteria and other harmful microbes which can have negative effects on hair follicles in fact some of them can irritate hair follicles until they die off. So it is very important to look at the hygiene component of hair. There are also some hair oils that can be applied which lubricate the hair so that it does not become too brittle which would otherwise make it more vulnerable to breakage.