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Specifications of M 15 Gas Masks

The M15 gas mask was created by Shalon Chemical Industries inside Israel. The business was set up in 1968. Meant for police as well as military personnel, the M 15 gas mask is definitely the standard respirator designed for the Israeli Defense Forces. In 2003, Shalonbegan created the mask for US Law Enforcement along with Emergency response personnel.

The M15 gas mask is actually approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for protection from CS, CN, and also P100 particulates and offers face, eye as well as respiratory protection against just about all known nuclear, biological as well as chemical (NBC) agents.

Civilian variations of the mask are also offered for both children and adults. The mask makes use of any standard 40 mm NATO filter and includes a Shalon NBC filter canister Type 80. You can find three sizes of the facepiece, ensuring a great fit for 98 percent of mature adult female and male clients.

The five-strap harness together with quick-release permits easy fitting and also adjusting.M15 gas mask is designed for maximum comfort and also fits with bare minimum interference with communication. Substantial, triangular eye openings give a wide visual view. The mask is lightweight and provides a cylindrical shatter-resistant lens.