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A Quick Brief Regarding Masks Of Oceania

Among the best places to search masks for rituals is Melanesia, Oceania. This mask, Malanggan is widely used in funeral rites, to say goodbye to the dead and celebrate the vitality of your home. 

The masks are designed to be used in a single event and after that they destroy that. They are emblematic of many crucial issues such as identity, death and the soul of the world (eg. Spirits linked to the region). 

You can get more information about oceanic masks via Masks reveal elaborate hairstyles, large, prominent noses, perforated ear lobes and a wide mouth.

oceanic masks

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As Malagueños  masks, malagueños sculptures are also made for use in a single event and subsequently destroyed. They are also emblematic of the same principles as malagueños masks. 

They are made from wood, plant fiber, pigment and the housing (turbo cappings petholatus). These amounts have been added, as also complement the use of this malagueño mask.

The masks are rare in Micronesia – traditionally are only found from the set of Mortlock Islands. This normal instance is constructed from tree wood painted white bread with black and lime with soot. Eye mask includes narrow slits, and a fiber braided coconut for fixing the head of the user. 

These masks meant an ancestor. They have been used as decorations in the house and sometimes in boats. The ceremonial house was the place of the performance of members of a secret society, where god relented to protect plants, tree bread storms and hurricanes.