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These are a Few Handy Items your Boat Should Always Have


Congratulations on purchasing your brand-new boat. However, now comes the time when you need to give a serious thought about the items your boat should have. Let’s focus on some of the items your boat should always have that will help you to enjoy your boating trip.

  1. First Aid Kit – A very handy item you that should always be on board your boat is a first aid kit. This item will help to keep your wounds clean from scratches, burns, cuts, bruises, etc.
  2. Life Jacket – This item should probably be the first item you should include on your boat. A life jacket not only helps you to float but also saves lives. Make sure to get one of the right sizes since a life jacket comes in various ones. This item is surely going to keep your friends and family members safe.
  3. A Sharp Knife –If you have unwanted rope that requires cutting, then a sharp knife is helpful in such a situation. Ensure you keep this item away from the children.
  4. An Extra Rope – You may need an extra rope to dock or tow your boat.
  5. Flare Gun – Another case of getting stranded where your radio may not work due to no signal. In such a case, a flare gun going to be helpful. Make sure you know how to use the gun (aim upwards on an angle and then shoot). Regardless of whether it is during the day or night time, this item is visible.

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