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What Next After the NEBOSH General Certificate?

The NEBOSH General Certificate qualification, as the name suggests, provides a good level of general information regarding various areas of health and safety. After successfully completing this, many representatives go to the NEBOSH Construction Certificate or NEBOSH Fire Certificate, which pays attention to construction site health and safety or fire, respectively.

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What Next After the NEBOSH General Certificate?

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The NGC1 unit (first week of NEBOSH General Certificate course) is a required unit for all of NEBOSH Certificate courses, so those who have achieved General Certificate within the last 5 years will not need to revisit it. Construction and fire certificate.

As long as some training providers can only provide the full NEBOSH Construction Certificate and NEBOSH Fire Certificate courses, you will be forced to sit in the NGC1 unit during a week of learning what you have already done (and are charging you for the privilege !), Some proposals.

The ‘conversion course’ for those who have already done a NEBOSH General Certificate and have received an NGC1 unit, and only need to do the additional units required to obtain a NEBOSH Construction or Fire Certificate. Not only does it save you a week in terms of time, but the conversion course is also hundreds of pounds cheaper than the full course.

Another option is to do health and safety NVQ. These highly-regarded health and safety qualifications are workplace project-based, avoiding the need to attend hours and hours of classroom teaching, and are a much more cost-effective option than something like the NEBOSH diploma for which classroom-based Many hours of study are required and can cost around 7,000 from some training providers!

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