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Benefits Of Choosing Dedicated Servers Over Shared Servers

Having a website for your small business is a critical way to build a customer base and earn income. Many businesses are entirely virtual, using only e-commerce as their way of functioning. If you have chosen to start a business website you must decide if you want to use shared hosting, or spend the extra money and get a dedicated server. Having a economical dedicated server hosting  can greatly improve the function and success of your business, providing many useful benefits over shared hosting.

Here are some benefits of using dedicated servers:

  • Security

A shared web hosting server is just that, shared. There are many other users keeping their sites on the same server as yours, which opens up the possibility of compromise. If your site is intended for e-commerce that involves customers inputting personal and sensitive information, having a secure site is critical. A dedicated server means that your personal information will be accessible only to you, and that the information of your customers will be securely kept within your server.

  • Speed

A server that is being shared must divide up its processing function among all of the sites that it is supporting. If some sites are very large, or maintain a lot of traffic, it can greatly slow down the function of the server. A crash will result in all of the websites sharing the server experiencing downtime or reduced activity.

Having a dedicated server means that that server is responsible only for supporting your site or sites. This opens up a tremendous amount of memory and operation space so you will know that your site can support whatever traffic and activity it receives. Choosing a dedicated server over a shared web hosting service may cost more initially, but it could mean huge differences in success and revenue