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How Bonnyrigg Chiropractors Help You Build a Stronger Back

Lower back pains can be managed by a chiropractor who is licensed to perform manipulations on the back, neck and other musculoskeletal regions of a person. Chiropractors do not only perform spinal manipulation on patients. You can check here to hire the best chiropractor to heal your back pain in no time.

lower back pain symptoms

They also advise their patients to do some stretches and exercises at home to make the healing process fast. They similarly advise their patients to change their lifestyles such as a change in their diet and activities.

The different exercise levels recommended to the patients are as follows:

Level 1 – Stretching is done in preparation for the next level. It is performed gradually and progressively with the aim of not hurting any muscles.

Level 2 – The exercise routine is started after the joints, ligaments and muscles have loosened up brought by the stretches done on level 1.

Level 3 – This is known as abdominal stretching. Abdominal stretches help in building good posture and balance. It helps the lower back to be stronger and healthier. Good breathing techniques are also developed when doing abdominal stretches. Likewise, muscles become elongated making them supple and flexible, which helps in eliminating problems when walking.

In summary, chiropractors help you to build a stronger back not only through spinal manipulation but also through exercises that can be performed in the confines of your home.