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Traditional Funeral Services Versus Cremation Services

Funeral homes offer embalming services to individuals even when it's not needed simply because they earn profit from this. There's a lot of money saved when you have the funeral earlier. The cremation option is not the only option to reduce funeral expenses.

Many people choose cremation funeral services because it's more affordable. However, cremation services aren't as much as you may imagine. Some people are shocked that they must purchase the casket. The cost is added to the expense of what funeral homes charge for the cremation process.


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The decision is straightforward, either one way or another. For others, this could be quite a challenge causing emotional, financial, mental, and spiritual strain. Here are some important aspects concerning funeral services and cremation options to think about.

If someone dies, plans are required for their funeral, and one of the main issues to be considered is whether or not the body has to be buried in a cremation.

If a body is to be examined prior to cremation, then the casket is required. Some funeral homes permit casket rentals to bodies that are scheduled for cremation and some are cremated in the casket as well. The choice of a cremation option doesn't mean you are able to go away of the cost of buying the casket.

However, it is a common misconception that if a dead body is going to be buried, it has to go through embalming. In reality, when a body is laid to rest within 48 hours of death, embalming is not necessary.