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What Do Pediatric Dentists Do?

A pediatric dentist is a doctor who specializes in dental care for children and adolescents. They may treat all stages of dental development, from repairing small teeth to caring for kids with braces or implants. 

They have experience working with children who have special needs, such as autism or ADHD. Oahu’s most referred pediatric dentists typically charge less than adults for services, though the exact amount depends on the individual situation. 

These dentists often use less-invasive techniques and equipment, so billing may also vary. They typically have more experience with teeth and jaws than adult dentists, and they may also be better equipped to deal with issues like decay or orthodontia.

Although the majority of general practices have no trouble treating kids, there are some significant advantages to working with a pediatric specialist. These medical professionals are educated to concentrate on teaching good dental habits, allowing patients to avoid more complicated issues and treatments once they reach maturity. This aids in easing dental phobias that many people develop as adults as a result of their early dental experiences.

They work with children from infancy through adolescence. They help to maintain healthy teeth and gums by providing preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment of oral conditions. They also provide education about nutrition, tooth brushing and flossing, and the importance of dental hygiene. 

Pediatric dentists are skilled in performing a variety of procedures including fillings, extractions, braces, and root canals. If you are a parent or guardian who is concerned about your child’s oral health, it is important to find a pediatric dentist who will meet your specific needs.