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Choosing the Right Fashion Earrings for Women

Whether you prefer subtle and elegant punk fashion or a little glamour, the perfect pair of earrings can be the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. However, when choosing fashionable earrings for women, many buyers forget that certain types of earrings look better with certain face shapes. You can now easily find the best blue crystal earrings via

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Here's a handy guide that can help you figure out which type of earring set will best suit your face shape:- 

Rounding a longer or heart-shaped face:- If your face is rather long and narrow, avoid thin and long dangling earrings. These fashionable earrings for women will only make your face look longer and slimmer. Instead, choose earrings with more volume, especially at the bottom. 

Slimming with a round face:- For a rounder face, long earrings with an elegant design and less volume will help weaken the appearance of the face. Women who want to reduce the emphasis on a round face should avoid hoop earrings or other round earrings. 

Eliminate the emphasis on a wide or square face:- A wide or square face can be complemented by earrings with subtle curves. Oval earrings, detailed hoops, or medium-sized earrings with round pearls are styles that tend to complement this face shape. Women with this face shape should avoid earrings that are too long or large. Cascade or convex earrings are great for wide faces.