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The Recourse To Racial Discrimination At The Work Place

Many people secretly experience racial discrimination because they don't know that they can get legal help to protect themselves from discriminatory behavior. 

You can contact local courts, employment tribunals, staff unions, your organization's legal counseling office, local civic council offices, or even local racial equality councils.

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If your employer is harassing you directly, it is best to follow the process established by your organization for reporting these forms of racial discrimination. Keep a copy of the written statement or complaint you submit and report your concern to management. 

This is necessary because if you fail to use the organization's grievance process or do not file a complaint, you will be breaking and evading the rules yourself.

However, if you file a complaint with your coworker or customer, you can still file a complaint with your supervisor and file a written complaint against a misdirected employee or customer.

If despite your written complaint, you are not held ethically responsible and the harassment continues, you can go a step further and take your matter to an employment tribunal.

If an employment tribunal or district court proves that you are being genuinely discriminated against on the basis of race, the court may ask your employer to compensate you for any emotional consequences of the harassment. You can also be compensated for the loss of your income.