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Mistakes While Hiring Financial Advisor

The truth is there are a whole lot of individuals out there calling themselves financial consultants, but you need to find the right one.

Interviewing or talking to just one advisor or one potential advisor. If you've never hired a financial advisor before or never worked with a stockbroker or anybody in the world of finance, making a decision after talking to just one person could be very harmful to your situation. Hop over here to get to know about the financial planners.

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And the reason I say that is you don't have a reference for comparison. The first person you meet could be, quite frankly, a complete idiot — but could certainly sound like a great advisor to you simply because you don't have a comparison to establish a true opinion.

So bottom line: you always want to talk to several different advisors so you can sniff out the good ones from the not-so-good ones.

Putting your entire focus on cost. If you hear somebody say, "Buy this investment, you pay nothing. The mutual fund, the annuity, the insurance company pays me, you don't pay me anything," my advice to you is to run for the hills.

First and foremost look, for a Certified Financial Planner. But that doesn't mean you stop there, because quite frankly there are some not-so-good Certified Financial Planners. So do your due diligence.