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Advantages Of Veranda Designs

The addition of a veranda to your home can make a huge difference to the feel and quality of your property. Essentially it gives you another whole room to use, because it provides you with a covered area outside that you can use for many different reasons.

But of course you have to build a veranda with a pergola in a contemporary style (also known as een veranda met pergola in een hedendaagse stijl bouwen in the Dutch language), and that isn't always easy. The best way to begin is by looking at the amount of room you have available, as this can dictate your choice to a certain extent.

However a curved roof veranda would be ideal, because it can stretch for the entire length of your house without having to extend too far out into your garden. You can even run it around the side of your house as well if you have the room, making it even more versatile. 

The gable veranda meanwhile has a pitched roof which can look simply stunning when combined with a flat roof at either side. The main shapes that you will find for your roof are either flat, curved, covered or gabled. You can use any of these shapes to get yourself a modern and elegant roof.