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Why Gelato and Ice Cream Are Different From Each Other?

Most likely, you have seen the pint-sized gelato cartons or the quart-sized gelato boxes in the frozen dessert section at your local supermarket. Ice cream is far more popular than frozen dessert. These products are sold in many shops, but not all of them. Americans tend to stick with frozen yogurt or ice cream. There are two main differences between America's favorite frozen dessert and its Italian counterpart.

You may not have thought of ice cream as having air in it. This is one of the main differences between ice cream and gelato. Because of the slower churning that is used to make it, the latter has a denser consistency. This is due to the fact that there is less air. Ice cream has 20% more air. Many people love buying gelato machines to make their own gelato at home. You can buy a gelato machine at

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Gelato and ice cream are very similar. The ingredients include sugar, cream, milk, as well as other flavors and fruits. The fat content is one of the main differences. American ice cream must contain 10% milk fat. Gelato may have 5-7% due to the use of less cream.

This frozen dessert is different from ice cream in that it has a different flavor. Gelato might be richer in flavor. This could be explained by the fact that gelato has less fat and tastes more delicious.

You have likely seen how the frozen dessert is stored if you've ever visited a shop selling it. The dessert is usually softer in appearance and has a soft texture when it's served. The dessert is stored at a lower temperature than ice cream and frozen yogurt.