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Tips For Choosing The Best Granite Countertops in Houston

When choosing a granite countertop, it is important to visit several showrooms and see the colors and designs firsthand. The granite slabs may appear gray from a distance, but spots of coral color can be seen upon closer inspection. It's hard to really tell the true colors and patterns from advertisements in magazines or websites.

Some granite suppliers in Houston TX will give or sell you small sample pieces of the granite you might be considering.. You can take them home and see which one suits your home decor best. There are times when you need more than one granite slab. A very experienced granite installer will be able to join two parts where you can barely see any seams; However, pattern consistency is key.

For a little more money, you can request granite slabs that are mined from the same mine and have the same "lot number". This can ensure greater similarity in veins, patterns, and colors.

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Saving Money

When choosing the best granite countertop, the price is often a key factor to consider, but upon investigation, you may find a fairly wide range of prices. There are several reasons for this. The thickness, color and pattern will affect prices, but rarity is the most costly factor. If you want a specific type of granite mined in Italy, then expect to pay top dollar.

You can also choose from several edging treatments: beveled, round over, half bullnose, and others. Custom cuts, sealing, and finishing will also add to the price. Installation is another area where you'll find a wide range of prices. A new company or installer just starting out or someone who needs work at the moment, might give you a cheaper estimate on installation. Be sure to ask whether everything is included or not. Those pricey add-ons and surprise charges may cause your final bill to be higher than if you'd hired an experienced installer.