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What is Bulk and Reflective Insulation?


Insulation comes in various forms and types out of which bulk and reflective are the 2 most common types of insulation. If you don’t have a clue what these are, then this information is going to help you to understand.

  1. First, Bulk Insulation – The way bulk insulation works is different compared to reflective insulation. First, it traps the air coming from structures tiny pockets. Then, the heat flow stops from entering as the air acts as a barrier. However, bulk insulation has no estimated value when it comes to its R-Value.
  2. Second, Reflective Insulation –In order to reduce the radiant heat emitting from the surface, reflective insulation is used. For this type of insulation to be effective, there has to be some gap for the air. The gap needs to be around 25mm to be precise in order to reflect heat energy. Due to its higher R-value, the reflective insulation is bound to work well under high temperatures. However, if the temperature is on the cooler side then it loses its effectiveness since the R-value also goes down. During the summer, the R-value of reflective insulation is around R0.9 while during the winter, the R-value is around R0.0.23 respectively.

Now before you choose one, it is important to consider where you reside. For instance; if you’re living in a cooler climatic region, then choosing the reflective insulation is your best bet. However, bulk reflection works best under high temperatures.

Make sure you choose the correct insulation in Perth.