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What Is a Portfolio Management Service?

Portfolio management services are provided by corporate intermediaries to increase the value of the underlying securities. However, they are not investment services, and just play the role of advisors, which are run by portfolio managers. In accordance with the provisions, each individual who contracts a guide, analyzes or conducts the client's securities administration is a portfolio manager. You can find not only portfolio management software online but also investment management software via

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Professionals are bound ethically to manage their client funds carefully and to make decisions carefully in choosing investment channels for their clients. In the end, the goal is to do with what the portfolio is needed by the client, which in many cases means high return or liquidity.

Basically there are two types of managers. This is discretionary and non-discretionary. In the former, investment lies at the policy of portfolio managers. The client does not play a role and cannot intervene in the travel investment. The last is just the opposite. Portfolio managers only suggest investors, which make the final decision.

Mutual funds and PMS are similar to each other, because they get money from investors and collect it before continuing to invest in various securities. However, there are some differences. It is targeted at high clean investors while mutual funds remain a smaller retail investor domain. Also, mutual funds do not pay attention to individual clients securities. Returns on mutual funds are only divided proportionally, while it manages each portfolio separately.