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Fusible Glass Jewelery Kilns

To make glass fused ornaments used for large production required a costly outlay of equipment such as a large brick kiln. The development of small specially made microwave kilns has brought this exciting hobby within reach of the novice hobbyist.

These new kilns are built with a special material that is similar to the material used to protect spacecraft when they re-enter Earth's atmosphere. They are very lightweight and compact and can be used in microwaves ranging from 800 to 1200 watts. They are by no means a toy intended for use by young children, but are aimed at young to older adults and provide an affordable way to become familiar with fusing glass.

These new Olympic kilns allow you to make wonderful glass jewelery such as earrings, bracelets, brooches, and more.

How does this work?

The slit opens in two pieces. All you have to do is open the two halves of the slit to reveal the small slump mold where you can place one or more cut pieces of colored glass.

Close the kiln parts and put them in the microwave. It only takes 3 minutes and your glass will be fused to create stunning and unique pieces of jewelry. It is that easy.

What do you need?

You can buy these kilns separately from many places but we recommend that beginners start with a kit that includes all the tools and materials you will need.

There are many kits out there but the ones we've tried are good enough. It contains all the essentials that you need to start producing beautiful glass fused jewelry, right away.

Start business

A microwave kiln is an ideal method for an inexpensive start-up business in glass-fused jewelry. However, it is recommended that you set aside a microwave oven for your ornaments instead of using an oven that regularly heats food. It is also recommended to use a microwave with a metal lining.

You get the chance to try this interesting hobby and dip your toe in the water for glass fusing jewelry before spending thousands of dollars on a production kiln. Understood!